Preview: Night Vision Devices

Recently I've been working on some night vision related content for the site, such as a primer on night vision as well as a review of a couple night vision devices.

Armasight was kind enough to loan us their Spark CORE Night Vision Monoculars as well as their N-14 Gen 2+ QS Night Vision Monoculars.

These are basically Gen 1.5 and Gen 2+ devices, and in the near future I'll hopefully also get to play around with some Gen 3 and Gen 3+ night vision devices as well.

I've taken a few teaser pictures which I've included below:


The SPARK is on the left, and the N-14 is on the right.


Used my Nexus 5 to take a picture of the N-14 while looking through the SPARK.


This is my best attempt to take a selfie using a Sony NEX3 and the SPARK monocular.