Month: June 2013

Welcome to Not Operator

Henry Rifle .45LC

Welcome to Not Operator. We have started this website as a way for us to share our information, knowledge, and opinions on the topics of firearms and technology, as well as how and where they intersect. We plan on having anything from news, to in-depth analysis pieces, to highly charged opinion articles.

Our name, Not Operator, is a play on words for both technology and firearms. In computer science, the 'Not' operator (symbol: !) signifies the opposite of whatever is given. We aim to provide an alternate and non-standard look into the world of guns and tech. In the firearms world, the word 'Operator' is often synonymous with self righteous "tactical" or "tacticool" ways of thinking about firearms. We also refer to ourselves as Not Operator because we want to provide an unbiased, analytical approach to how we explore these topics.

We hope to help you, the reader, learn about firearms, technology, and everything in between. Welcome to Not Operator.